The Art of


With the empathy of an artist, vision of a designer, and rigor of an architect, Tatum Kendrick Design (formerly Studio Hus) takes a grounded, ground-up perspective when approaching every project. Our multi-disciplinary design studio offers integrated interior architecture and design services for both residential and commercial projects. From ground-up construction and full buildouts to interior design and furniture packages, our studio’s immersive approach is dedicated to unfurl your story; celebrating the multi-faceted spectrum of life and experience. We create interiors that inspire and support our clients’ unique lifestyles, believing that a successful project comes from a harmonious relationship between beauty, functionality, emotionality, and pragmatism.

Featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, Vogue & Wall Street Journal, Tatum Kendrick Design has earned a reputation for creating interiors with vigor and verve. Our studio’s commitment to seamless project management and client satisfaction sets us apart as we believe that our client’s experience of the design process is just as important as the final product itself. Organization, communication, and a team-centric attitude are our core tenets of how we manage our projects, offering an enjoyable and supportive process to our clients along the entire project from conception to installation.

The Artist

and Designer

Tatum Kendrick, whose devotion to beauty and emotionality is at the core of her work, curates each project like an artful residence. Approaching projects with equal measure of function and form, her interiors evoke a sensuality that plays within the tensions of comfort and refinement, beauty and functionality, boldness and restraint. Underscored by her strong belief that interiors should nurture and support the people who inhabit them, Tatum’s design process starts with a thoughtful study in client’s habits, loves, and lifestyle.

Tatum Kendrick started out her career at a renowned architecture firm, Costas Kondylis & Partners in NYC. Though she had no formal design training, her instinctive ability to craft space quickly propelled her forward to lead designer. There she learned the fundamentals of creating well-built spaces of quality and luxury and began to apply her studies in psychology and sociology to create spaces that elevated the emotional lives of her clients. Her love of beauty and design was intensified and honed through many global travels and living abroad in one of the design capitals of the world – Copenhagen. After moving back to the States in 2010, Tatum landed in Los Angeles where she integrated her passion for interiors, psychology, and wellness into her design studio. Tatum continues to expand her knowledge base and has recently begun to develop her own properties and apply the harmonizing principles of bio-geometry into her work. This melding of practicality, emotionality, and artistry is at the core of her work and continues to strengthen the impact of the homes she designs.

Our Mission

and Pledge


We create homes, gardens, and spaces that meld past, present, and future. We have a reverence for the history, style, and materials of the past but keep an ever-present focus on the now. We believe that interior design can be fine art, but also live and breathe – it shouldn’t feel bad to move a chair or let a child go wild on an art project. Inspired by natural materials that age with grace, we appreciate when things are a little aged or worn, finding beauty in many forms: the aching poetry of a sheer billowing curtain, the long elegant veining in marble, or the raw sensuality evoked by just the right shade of oxblood.

We consider ourselves not only designers but also producers. Designing is only half of the process, with production being the other. It takes a seasoned and knowledgeable team to draft, communicate, and manage the complex building process of our designs. We take pride in our construction experience, organization, communication, and team-centric skills.

We collaborate with skilled craftsmen, artisans, builders, and consultants to achieve excellence in all our projects. Aligning with experts in their respective fields allows our design ideations to be realized with refinement and quality for our clients.

We believe well-designed spaces have the power to change how we think or feel. We see spaces as biographies of people playing, dreaming, struggling, and prevailing. Where we choose to spend our time and what those settings feel like can change a mind, a day, or everything.