How does it feel? More than what you can see or touch, good design speaks to your soul. Vibrating within your spirit, it harmonizes with your true essence to create an
instinctual environment where you feel nourished, inspired, and grounded. Truly at home.

Born from emotion, nurtured by intuition, and activated through beauty – we are champions of instinctual design. Mining the senses to illuminate a path towards ones authentic home, our studio’s immersive approach celebrates the multi-faceted spectrum of life and experience beyond linear ideas of taste and style.

We harness the distinctive energies of ideas and memory, color and matter, light and shadow, to electrify intentional compositions of awe and wonder.

We conjure sanctuary spaces that are thoughtfully curated to unfurl your story, to reveal the benefits of being true to oneself. We are advocates of the pleasure principle, uncovering passions, and tapping the wellspring of creativity and meaning that lie beneath the surface. At Tatum Kendrick Design, we pray at the altar of duality. Designing outside of the binary, we find balance through intriguing polarities—play and sophistication, timely and timeless, minimal and maximal, nature and industry, masculine and feminine — deftly using tension to unlock bliss, distilling into alignment spaces that beckon, reflect and honor the uniquely idiosyncratic, layering interiors with mystery and yes, magic. What is unseen is as powerful as what is visible. There is beauty in moments of movement and moments of stillness. We promote the positive effects of designing with a healthy dose of negative space.

With the empathy of an artist, vision of a designer, and rigor of an architect, we take a grounded, ground-up approach, imbuing every inch of a home with a sense of purpose and meaning. Holistic and process-oriented, we believe in the importance of efficient project management across disciplines to be as important as the final product itself. Meticulous and exacting, we understand the value of communication, leadership, and trust to the successful completion of our projects.

Tatum Kendrick Design is an invitation for alignment, where sensual pleasures of life are paramount, and emotional storytelling nourishes the soul.